Climax Club - Goth and alternative club night

📢Calling all the goths, witches, alternatives and freaks of Stockholm who want to go dark clubbing in a raw and…
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Hus 7


Hus 7
Styckmästargatan 10
121 62 Johanneshov

Om evenemanget

📢Calling all the goths, witches, alternatives and freaks of Stockholm who want to go dark clubbing in a raw and industrial venue filled with the coolest red lights for a goth club! 🦇After our hot premiere, we decided to go bigger and keep the door open to more goths and alternatives, so we decided to book the legendary hus7 for our next goth and alternative club night! 👁️ Apart from the dance floor, we will have a goth make-up station and a Tattoo station!🎵We will be dancing to goth rock, post punk, darkwave, EBM, Synthpop, and anything alternative, cunty and dancy!----------------------------------------------------------🕶 If you vibe music like below, you will have a blast at the party!Siouxsie and the Banshees ★ Bauhaus ★ Boy Harsher ★ She Past Away ★ Joy Division ★ She Wants Revenge ★ The Sisters of Mercy ★ Crystal Castles ★ The Cure ★ Depeche Mode ★ Lebanon Hanover ★ London After Midnight ★ Minuit Machine ★ Mareux ★ Sextile ★ ULTRA SUNN ★ Linea Aspera ★ SIERRA ★ Twin Tribes ★ Selofan ★ Miss Kittin ★ Molchat Doma ★ Aurat ★ Riki ★ Desire ★ New Order ★ Drab Majesty ★ The Damned ★ Soft Kill ★ Nine Inch Nailes ★ Spike Hellis ★ Buzz Kull ★ Bragolin ★ French Police ★ Sidewalks and skeletons ★ Type o negative ★ Panther Modern ★ The soft moon ★ Dark ★ Cold Cave ★ Soviet Soviet ★ Ash code ★ Nirvana ★ Allie X ★ System of A Down ★ The Clash ★ Patriarchy ★ Grizz ★ Rein ★ MGMT ★ Kontravoid ★ TR/ST ★ Xmal Deutschland The list above is just a vibe check! We don’t necessarily play all of these and of course we will play a lot more bands and acts including lesser-known projects that you didn’t know you loved! If you don’t know any of the bands above, but you have a heart for goth and alternative music, you are still welcome to join! ---------------------------------------------------------- 👛Goth make up station: Between 10-12 we will have a makeup corner where our very own Felix will help you with goth makeup if you would like to! There would be some prints with different looks you can get inspired by and of course you can also have your own ideas! Climax provides the material! and you don’t have to pay anything. ---------------------------------------------------------- ✍️Tattoo station: We will have a tattoo station for you who are having so much fun that you feel like getting a tattoo by our very own Snowtiddies to remember this legendary climax night! We will have a lot of goth tattoo ideas for you to choose from. You will pay for the tattoo directly to the artist---------------------------------------------------------- 🪞Dresscode: Goth aesthetics, alternative clothing or fetish wear are highly encouraged but not enforced. Come as you are, nobody cares! ---------------------------------------------------------- 👀Not knowing anyone who has a good taste in music and you don’t like clubbing alone? We will have a meet-n-greet and pre-party for you at a bar close to the venue. We will match you with other people who are like you in small groups so you will have a great night together and wouldn't feel alone! more info will be sent to the ticket holders closer to the event!  ---------------------------------------------------------- 🎵DJ:  Mira Iranpour (she/her) --------------------------------------------------------- 🎫Tickets: - Solidarity tickets: Free*- Early bats: 100 kr + service avgift - Regular tickets: 150 kr + service avgift- Last tickets: 180 kr + service avgift- Support tickets: 250 kr ***Solidarity tickets are LIMITED and  they are ONLY for the people who cannot afford the tickets any other way and reallyyy want to come to the club, please use it responsibly. The solidarity tickets are non-exchangeable unlike the other tickets. ** Support tickets are for you who can afford it and want to support us to be able to continue throwing the club nights and also be able to give more solidarity tickets. No ticket at the door! Only pre-sale tickets. Last time we sold out in 6 days! hurry up before it gets too late! ---------------------------------------------------------- ⚧ The party is organized by queer people and primarily for goth and alternative queers who are tired of the same music genres at every queer party! Cool allies regardless of sexuality and gender identity are also welcome.  We do not tolerate any form of classism, racism, misogyny, transmisogyny, transphobia, homophobia, biphobia, panphobia, ableism, fatphobia or any nasty behavior.  ---------------------------------------------------------- ♿The Venue is accessible for wheelchair users however the toilets are in the basement with no elevator.  There will be areas in the venue where it would be less loud in case you get overstimulated.  ---------------------------------------------------------- To keep us with more details on the party, future club nights, follow us on instagram (@climax.nights) : You can also send your song requests to our Instagram messages, if it fits the vibe of the party, we will play it!  To...